To leave information about a SHOW, please email me at: (Use “Train Show” as the subject). Please include dates, times, and address. Also if you are aware of an admission fee, please include that as well. Please do not send as an attachment to an email.

I request that you send this information at least 3 days before the beginning of the month of the show. There is no guarantee on information sent to me after the cutoff date.

Please do not leave show information in the comments area.


We are not responsible for accuracy of information. Posts are entered at our discretion.


To submit CLUB information please include the following:

1. Name of club.

2. City and state club is located in or near.

3. Scale modeled.

4. Name of contact.

5 One or both of the following:
     a. Phone number people can contact your club at.
     b. Email address.

6. If your club has a website, feel free to include that as well.

Please use “Train Club” as the subject.

Email all information to